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Welcome we are Modern Makers

Welcome to Modern Makers the home of diligence, innovation and creativity. We are Fifteen years (15) working in the construction industry as contractors. Our experiences range from building works, Interior and exterior work, alteration works and all kind of Furniture products amongst which we provide unique curved and Classic look.

Perhaps the most important decision of any project is selecting the right contractor.

As you know, contractor horror stories are easy to come by. Avoid the low-cost, the fast, the inexperienced and the single trade contractors that say they can do anything and everything. Instead, start your project with research and study from multiple sources. I’m confident the more you see and hear about us, the more you’ll like.


Some Interesting Facts

We believes that it is important to provide the consumer with a realistic picture of the interior design and budget to help him take an informed decision. We thus put in extra effort by sending our senior design Specialist for a site visit. Based on the size of your kitchen and your requirements, the designer gives you design ideas and approximate budget to help you make your decision.

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